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Sleep Apnea Surgery – Chicago, IL

Better Sleep Leads to Better Health

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Sleep is one of the primary pillars of good health. If you are struggling to get enough rest due to obstructive sleep apnea (OSA), Dr. Wiesman and our Chicago medical team may be able to help via a throat procedure known as uvulopalatopharyngoplasty, which is commonly referred to as UPPP. This sleep apnea surgery aims to remove excess tissues in the throat in order to facilitate improved breathing. Would you like to learn more about it? Read this page, and then get in touch with us if you would like to request a consultation.

When Does Sleep Apnea Need to Be Treated with Surgery?

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It is important to note that surgery is not typically a first-line treatment for OSA. Often, non-invasive methods, such as CPAP therapy, an oral appliance from a dentist, and lifestyle changes (such as weight loss) are enough to adequately manage OSA.

However, if the most common OSA treatments have proven to be ineffective for you, you may need to undergo surgery. Dr. Wiesman can evaluate your case and determine if you are a candidate for UPPP.

Benefits of Sleep Apnea Treatment

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The goal of any sleep apnea treatment is to reduce snoring and improve the quality of a patient’s sleep. Some noteworthy benefits that you may experience as a result of OSA treatment include:

What to Expect from Sleep Apnea Surgical Treatment

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There are a few different surgeries that might be able to reduce OSA symptoms. UPPP’s goal is to remove tissues in the throat that block the airway during sleep. Some tissues that might be removed include:

You will be asleep during the procedure, so you should not experience any pain throughout your surgery. Some patients are discharged soon after the surgery, while others have a one-night stay in the hospital. You will get to go home when your breathing is stable and you are able to swallow safely.

Sleep Apnea Surgery Aftercare 

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You can expect your throat to be pretty sore for a few weeks after your surgery. Here are some tips to facilitate a smooth recovery:



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