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Eustachian Tube Dysfunction in Chicago

Eustachian tube dysfunction can negatively affect your quality of life because you feel like your ears are always plugged. The discomfort can make it difficult to focus on anything else while you deal with pain and pressure that you just cannot seem to relieve. If home remedies, like chewing gum, swallowing, or yawning, are not providing you with the relief you need, it may be time to try another approach. Now, you can benefit from an advanced and minimally invasive treatment with eustachian tube balloon dilation in Chicago. Dr. Gary Wiesman offers this revolutionary new procedure to stop your discomfort.

Benefit from a Minimally Invasive Approach

There are tiny tubes in the back of your throat that connect to your middle ear, known as the eustachian tubes. These tubes are filled with air and open when you chew or yawn, which helps to equalize pressure on either side of your eardrums. Unfortunately, complications can develop due to congestion or an infection. As a result, air will no longer pass through them, causing you to feel as though they are blocked. The added pressure can lead to pain and discomfort and hearing loss can also occur.

After the complications developed, you probably tried several treatments and remedies, such as home exercises or decongestants, to help reduce swelling in the eustachian tubes. However, even with nasal sprays and antihistamines, the discomfort remains. Although there are surgical options, like placing tubes in the ears, you no longer have to deal with an invasive approach. You can now choose a simple, yet effective alternative when treating eustachian tube dysfunction in Chicago.

Choose an Effective Solution

Eustachian tube balloon dilation is a revolutionary new procedure that has more than a 70% success rate while producing long-term results. The FDA-approved treatment is performed as an outpatient procedure and only takes about 10 minutes to complete. During the procedure, a small device that is similar to a balloon is gently inserted into the blocked tubes. It is inflated to open them, and then deflated and removed.

This simple procedure is proven to be safe and effective. In just a few short minutes, the pressure in the middle ear will return to normal and the results will last. In fact, there is less than a 15% reoccurrence rate so you can rest assured that the treatment will be effective for restoring your quality of life.

Enhance Your Quality of Life Today

If you are tired of living with painful, clogged ears and home remedies just are not enough, now you can benefit from a minimally invasive approach to stop the discomfort. With the Eustachian tube balloon dilation procedure, you will restore equal ear pressure in just one appointment. There is no need for a lengthy hospital stay or recovery time.

To see if you are a candidate for the procedure, contact Wiesman Nasal & Sinus today to schedule a consultation with Dr. Wiesman.

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