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Why Experience Matters with Revision Rhinoplasty in Chicago

July 5, 2019

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before and after rhinoplastyIf you were born with a less-than-perfect nose or suffered a traumatic injury, you may have undergone rhinoplasty to improve your appearance. You are not alone. In fact, 225,000 rhinoplasties are performed each year, making it the most popular cosmetic procedure. Unfortunately, not all nose surgeries are successful. Although you might have achieved some improvement, you did not get the results you wanted. You are not out of options. Revision rhinoplasty can help; however, it is one of the most difficult cosmetic surgeries. You cannot trust your nose to just anyone. You need the experience and qualifications of a trusted and board certified facial plastic surgeon like Dr. Gary G. Wiesman.

What is Revision Rhinoplasty?

Revision rhinoplasty is a second nose procedure that corrects cosmetic or functional deformities and imperfections that were not resolved or worsened by the initial surgery. It addresses specific nasal issues that create disharmony with function or aesthetics. Common problems it can correct include:

  • Obstructions in the nasal airway
  • Collapse of cartilage or nasal bones
  • Overdone nose job
  • External or internal collapse of nasal valve
  • Worsened asymmetry
  • Over or inadequate reduction of dorsal height
  • Incomplete shaping
  • Excessive or inadequate tip projections
  • Narrowed nasal tip
  • Excessive external or internal scarring

Why Does Experience Matter with Revision Rhinoplasty?

Correcting or improving a previous nose job is one of the most difficult cases a facial plastic surgeon can encounter. Scar tissue and other factors make it challenging to reverse or repair problems previously addressed by another surgeon.

In some cases, cartilage may be damaged or deficient from the prior surgery. Other patients may have a deviated septum or an obstruction. With each case unique, the functional abnormalities are often combined with aesthetic flaws. Correcting both issues requires a great deal of experience and precision to create the results you expect and deserve.

It is normal to feel uneasy about undergoing the surgery again after an already failed attempt, but with the right facial plastic surgeon in Chicago, you have nothing to fear. Dr. Wiesman is a recognized revision rhinoplasty specialist who is also a board-certified otorhinolaryngologist, specializing in ear, nose and throat procedures.  Essentially, he has seen and done it all to correct even the most complex cases. With his knowledge and expertise combined with the latest technology and techniques, you can rest assured you will be pleased with the results.

Choose the Best Facial Plastic Surgeon

If you need revision rhinoplasty, do not choose just anyone. For over 25 years, Dr. Wiesman has focused solely on procedures for the face, and he has the experience and qualifications to perform your corrective surgery. With the right team by your side, you can breathe easier while restoring your confidence.

About Dr. Gary G. Wiesman

Dr. Gary G. Wiesman combines exceptional surgical techniques with artistry. As both an otorhinolaryngologist and a facial plastic and reconstructive surgeon, he understands the structural physiology of the nose to help patients who have had previous nose surgery achieve the cosmetic results they desire with improved function of the nose. If you need revision rhinoplasty, benefit from the best with Dr. Wiesman. Contact our office today to schedule your FREE cosmetic consultation.

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