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Are You Living with Hearing Loss in Chicago?

May 25, 2017

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Dr. Gary Wiesman provides testing for hearing loss in Chicago.Your ears connect you to your surroundings so you can have conversations with loved ones, listen to the chirping of birds in the trees, and even enjoy the breaking of waves at the ocean. However, there may come a time when you start to notice that you are not hearing as clearly as you once did. Although it may be difficult to admit that the sounds around you are starting to fade, roughly 48 million Americans live with this very problem. Dr. Gary Wiesman offers a simple, painless audiology test to check for hearing loss in Chicago.

Am I Losing My Hearing?

Hearing loss can occur for several reasons, such as from prolonged exposure to loud environments, medical conditions, injury, infection, and medications; however, the leading cause is age-related. This is a gradual process with subtle signs, making it difficult to notice right away. Over time, you may begin to notice that your ability to hear is declining.

Often, you will begin to see changes in your social interactions as you find yourself asking people to repeat what they have said. This can make it difficult to follow conversations because voices sound muffled, especially when listening to children, the TV, or the radio. You may have trouble hearing certain sounds or voices in loud environments. In addition, it is common to have ringing in your ears.

Over time, this can take an emotional toll as you become stressed, embarrassed, nervous, or annoyed from the daily challenges you face. You do not have to withdraw from social situations or live with a diminishing quality of life. With an auditory test in Chicago, Dr. Wiesman will evaluate you to see if hearing aids will help improve your quality of life.

Where Can I Have My Hearing Tested?

Dr. Wiesman offers a simple, yet comprehensive test to check your hearing capabilities. To begin the evaluation, an Otoscopy is used to ensure there are no blockages in the ears causing the issue. He will then perform an audiology test to check your audible range at different frequencies to measure how well you hear sounds as they reach the inner ear through the ear canal. You will be asked to respond to a series of tones and words. Using the results of the test, Dr. Wiesman will determine the cause and extent of your hearing loss.

Can I Regain My Hearing?

Depending on the cause, some cases of hearing loss can be temporary or reversed, such as if there is a blockage in the ear canal. However, if the cause is progressive or not reversible, like due to aging, you will need a hearing aid. You will regain the ability to distinguish speech and sounds through a custom-fit device. Dr. Wiesman offers a variety of designs to help you find the best option that meets your needs and preference.

If you are ready to restore the sounds around you, contact our office today to schedule an appointment for an audiology test.

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