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Allergy Treatment

An allergy is present when a patient’s immune system overreacts to a certain substance it comes in contact with – this may be environmental in nature (mold, pollen, etc), a certain chemical, medication, or food items. Allergies can be seasonal or perennial (occurring all year long) in nature, and a wide range of symptoms tend to accompany them, from relatively harmless sneezing and sniffling to life-threatening reactions like anaphylaxis. At Wiesman Nasal & Sinus, Dr. Gary Wiesman’s goal is to identify your personal allergens through testing and help patients from Chicago, IL and surrounding areas achieve the relief they deserve.

Your allergy test may be performed through the following methods:


While most cases of allergies aren’t a serious danger to a patient’s life, their negative effects can chip away at a person’s productivity, personal relationships, and overall wellbeing. Once your allergen(s) has been properly identified, Dr. Wiesman’s recommendations for treatment may include minimizing exposure, medication, and immunotherapy.

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